Full, “Buck/Blood Moon,” over Rainier

Summer Full Blood Moon over Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park

Washington, State

14,410 feet above sea level, (4392 meters), she is known to the local Puyallup Tribal Nation as Mt. Tahoma or “Takhoma.” That is how I like to refer to her. Centrally located in the Pacific Northwest, her mountain sprite watches over the region. Six local tribes use resources to this day from this dormant volcano. They’re the Nisqually, Puyallup, Squaxin Island, Muckleshoot, Yakama, and Cowlitz tribes. Ten years ago, the Puyallup Tribal Reservation was where I called home for a few years. Lived on a Salmon River called Clear Creek. Plus a condo on the Thea Foss Waterway located on Commencement Bay of the Puget Sound. If you click on the below map link you will find all these locations.

Condo Location

Sound remote? Well, take a look at the map links. The Reservation is located on one of the busiest Pacific Sea ports. Port of Tacoma is the third largest port on the Pacific Coast. Port of Tacoma map link: Port of Tacoma, Washington, and website: Port of Tacoma Website

I digress and reside well off track. Full moon from this July 27, 2018. That is the topic. Climbed many times, but not to the summit, yet. The lunar event is called a “Buck Moon” because it occurs around the time of year that buck deer’s antlers start to grow. Check out another post on a, “piebald,” colored deer I photographed near Mt. Rainier/Tahoma. The Blood Moon is an eclipse event causing a red tint. The moon appeared to be climbing the face of the mountain along with me.

Now, I live in the valley of this wonderful volcano that erupted over 1000 years ago. Along the Puyallup River that begins in the glaciers of this revered  mountain. Thanks for looking and these views are for you. Click here for Official Mt. Rainier National Park web page.

Mt Rainier, Mt Rainier Northeast Face
Mt Rainier Northeast Face
Mt Rainier Northeast Face


Rainier Peak
The peak
From the Enumclaw Plateau, Enumclaw, WA